Welcome to Plank Studio – PA’s First MegaFormer Studio to Open on Philadelphia’s Main Line

So what’s the hottest workout that has Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Sophia Vergara staying lean and strong? It’s called the MegaFormer and it’s available in Philadelphia exclusively at Plank Studio in Wayne, PA.

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Sofia Vergara Testimonial

The industry-renowned MegaFormer™ is a 10-foot-long, 250-pound machine that trains the entire body in one 50-minute, cardio-pumping class. Its intricate system of springs and pulleys that create resistance and tension provide an infinite number of strengthening, lengthening and core-building exercises. Small group classes focus on time, not reps, with each movement lasting about 60 seconds and working up to 600 muscles at once. And right when you feel like you’re about to collapse, the instructor will ask you to pulse it.

Mind Over Mega

“The key to the MegaFormer is to move slowly and consistently until muscle failure is achieved,” explained Hilary Ryan, Plank Studio founder, trainer and marathon athlete. “It also works slow-twitching muscles which continue to fire even after your workout so you keep burning fat and building strength after you leave class.”


Another benefit of the MegaFormer is it’s a low-impact workout that provides several cardio blasts, with smooth transitions between slow-moving exercises. There are no breaks so your heart rate stays up while burning up to 600 calories per 50-minute class.

But don’t be intimidated to try the MegaFormer. Because clients have their own machine, classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness as exercises can be modified or weight can be added accordingly. Plank Studio members range from new moms and college students to tri-athletes and marathon runners. And the one thing they all have in common is the desire to achieve the effective and efficient workout available, and that is the MegaFormer!

Mega Options

Plank Studio, which opened this past April, has fitness enthusiasts from Center City, South Jersey and Delaware flocking to its 6,000 square foot, industrial studio conveniently located just one block from the Strafford train station on the Main Line. In addition to its signature 50-minute MegaFormer class, Plank Studio also offers a MegaPlus advanced class, MegaExpress – a 25 minute power workout focusing on abs and arms or glutes and legs, MegaCircuit, MegaMommy & Me, plus TRX, and coming soon, Pilates Stick classes.


“Our mission is to offer a variety of classes, expert instructors and energetic music in a modern studio to motivate clients to exceed their fitness goals,” shared Hilary. “In addition to our 10 machine MegaFormer studio, we have a TRX room and an individual MegaFormer room for one-on-one personal training so that every visit to Plank Studio is new and challenging.”

Retail Therapy

Understanding that fitness is more than a workout, Ryan also helps members find a work-life balance that includes overall mind and body health. Plank Studio is therefore expanding its services this fall by adding a private spa suite for organic spray tans and massages.


“We compliment our fitness classes with an in-house fashion boutique offering carefully-selected beauty, nutrition and fashion brands not available elsewhere in the market. Exclusive collections from Nancy Rose Performance, Moira Anne Artisan, and a new private-label collection of t-shirts, socks and pet accessories are just a few unexpected treats that extend well beyond the adrenaline high of the workout,” continued Hilary.

Party Time

Many clients visiting Plank Studio for the first time come with a specific event or milestone for when they want to look and feel their best. Weddings, birthdays and vacations are top motivators for those looking to pump up their fitness routine.

“We offer one-on-one consultation for these special audiences to help map out a realistic fitness and nutrition plan that will get them MegaFit in time to walk down the aisle…or down the beach,” said Hilary.

Recently Plank Studio has hosted birthday parties, ladies nights, company outings and even a bachelor party so clients can get fit and let loose in one of the Main Line’s most urban-chic venues.


Always making the client first, Hilary shares, “no request is too big for Plank Studio – you tell us your goal and we will Mega exceed your expectations!”

Get Planking  

Plank Studio is open 7 days a week and offers both small classes and personal training at convenient times for all lifestyles. Online class sign-up is available and highly recommended as classes fill up quickly.

The 6,000 square foot studio features a state-of-the-art sound system, complimentary towel service and a team of Certified Instructors with a depth of knowledge and practical programming to teach clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Reserved, FREE parking for Plank Studio is also available at the rear entrance.

Ready to GET PLANKING? Call 610-688-0107 or visit the studio online at www.PlankStudioML.com to arrange an introductory class or demo at Plank Studio, 532 West Lancaster Avenue, 2nd Floor, Wayne, PA.


About plankstudioml

Plank Studio is Pennsylvania's first MegaFormer fitness studio located on Philadelphia's Main Line in Wayne, PA. The 6,300 square foot urban chic studio offers small classes & personal training plus a fitness boutique, spa services, private parties and wedding packages.
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